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Thread: Article: What? The Twins considering Mike Pelfrey again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snepp View Post
    Per B-Ref, Scott Baker's career leverage splits, OPS allowed.

    Low: .732

    Med: .755

    High: .690

    Cracking under pressure indeed.
    +1. Precisely why many of us were so upset when managment questioned his manhood and threw him under the bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amjgt View Post
    Is that a real quote? Not only a slam on a relatively unimportant major league player, but a slam on MN.

    You almost never see quotes like that.
    Yeah that's great. I'm guessing for the guys who aren't involved in contract talks and don't sit too high in status in the front offices, there is plenty of boozing taking place at the winter meetings.

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    It's a real blog from Mike Berardino and I'm guessing they are real quotes.

    I've really come to appreciate Berardino and am so glad that he was hired by the PP. After 15 years in south Florida, he brings a fresh eye (and different contacts) than many of the other local sportswriters. He's very active on Twitter, seems to interact quite a bit with fans and, although somewhat cautious like all beat writers, seems to really work at digging out interesting tidbits and ideas. He is also more likely to throw in some statistical analysis than many others in the mainstream press.

    If you don't follow him on Twitter or read his blogs or articles in the PP, you're missing out on some great info.

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