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    I just read that TwinsFest will be back at Target Field in January. I have a couple questions about it.

    1. How hard are tickets to get?
    2. Are the tickets for one day or all three days?
    3. What is your experience from it and are the tickets worth it?

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    From my experience:

    1. Tickets haven't been hard to get, although the team has made comments about the tickets being limited in number this year since Target Field will offer them less space than the dome had. (I believe the alluded to this in their TwinsFest post online last month).

    2. Tickets are for one day at a time. I'm not sure if they offer 3 day packs, I don't believe that they do.

    3. The experience is usually great. Meeting the players is a lot of fun, and some guys (like Plouffe, Dozier) are super friendly and will chat with you for a while. I randomly ran into Perkins walking around the dome last year, and he talked with me for a couple of minutes (really cool!) It's not a cheap venture, since autograph sessions cost extra on top of the admission, but the money goes towards the Twins Community Fund, so it's for a good cause.

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    1. Tickets have been easily available the last few years.

    2. Tickets are one-day only.

    3. You have to be okay with lots of waiting, bring a book perhaps, and bring cash to pay for the signatures of the people you want. Most good signatures are in the $15-40 range. Some are higher. On the other hand, minor leaguers are generally free, and I got a bat signed by Sano for exactly $0. I'm hoping that'll be a collector's item someday. If you've got buddies to go with you, it's much more fun.

    I go pretty much every year. It's a great way to get your Twins fix in middle of January.

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    This seems like a good time to mention that Twins Daily is planning a really cool post-TwinsFest event on Saturday, Jan 25th. More details should be coming soon but it's something to keep in mind if you're thinking about going.

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    I'm still holding out hope that the Vikings make an improbable run to the NFC title game, and somehow wind up hosting it, extending the Dome's life a little bit longer and allowing TwinsFest to be held there one last time.

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    Waiting to hear what the actual logistics will be, as many of the past Twinsfests have been on par with freezing outside while waiting for the Metrodome gates to open.

    Tickets are for one day. Autographs are extra. It's always a great time for the radio booth when guys are being interviewed. You can usually tryout to sing the National Anthem. There are lots of fun things for kids to do.

    Season tickets holders usually got a fre that upped the numbers a bit a few years ago.
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    Thanks everyone. I thought this would be a cool experience I could do. Especially if I could get some autographs. I saw that Byron Buxton plans to be there.
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