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Totally agree and I really don't get the frustration for this move. If we'd traded any other 27 year old minor league reliever for a minor league starter wouldn't we consider it a good move? Not earth shattering, of course, but a decent move. Obviously they need to make bigger ones through FA, but that doesn't mean that this was a bad trade(back?)
Seriously people? why not get a good middle reliever, this welker is due for the big show! another middle reliever to bring up swarzak/duensing as a starter, they've started before and we know they can pitch! yes worley needs to go, cant we just waive him? diamond, who knows he was good in 2012, but could not put it together after surgery, hopefully he just needs a nice well rested offseason! As of right now the Twins Depth chart for starting Pitching is Correia, Deduno, Albers, Hendriks, and Diamond, all i can say is EEKS!!

Last years were Worley, Corriea, Pelfry, Hendriks, De Vries. I remember I felt ok with this rotation until the 3rd-4th week in the season when i think we only had 4 wins from the starters and 9 wins from the releivers!