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Thread: Article: When Could Alex Meyer Boost the Rotation?

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    Article: When Could Alex Meyer Boost the Rotation?

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    If the question is when could he....I would say right now as no one should be blocking him. But I would say May at the earliest but most likely June.

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    Reports on his fastball were good but his command and secondary pitches still don't sound like he is ready to make the jump to the big leagues. This likely means Meyer is headed to Rochester to start next season with the potential to make his Twins debut at some point in the second half of 2014. There are kinks to be worked out and the Twins don't need to rush Meyer
    This unfortunately is true of most pitchers who were paraded in the Twins rotation last season. Come spring training, if he is among the top 5 Twins starting pitchers, he should be in Minneapolis. All depends on whether they will sign someone and who will that be. Right now his stuff is pretty much ahead of mostly everyone in the organization as is. And I'd rather see pitchers who throw 88 mph breaking stuff on the dirt on occasion (hint hint) rather than 88 mph "fast"balls down the middle.
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    When does the service time discussion start? Ok...how about now. I hope to see him as soon as possible and I see no reason to sacrifice a year of team control to do this. There are many times to go after the FO for not promoting people quickly enough. This is not one of them. Keep him at AAA for however many games you need to keep that year of control.

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    I'm on the same line of thinking as Thrylos.

    And honestly, Nolan Ryan and other power pitchers 'learned' in the big leagues.

    He's not going to 'learn' as well in AAA or AA when he makes a mistake. 2013 AAA MVP Chris Colabellos didn't make MLB pitchers pay for those mistakes and he's the best AAA has to offer. Those hitters won't make him pay of mis-locating his stuff like MLB hitters can. As a pitcher, I don't remember when guys swung and missed on pitches they 'should have' hit. I do remember the home runs. And honestly, you don't know what's a "mistake" until you see someone make it a mistake. Michael Wacha gets away with a LOT of location that shorter pitches couldn't, because it's on a different plane. Meyer, in the same sense, doesn't operate on the same 'plane' of location. So where the catcher catches the pitch doesn't matter as much and it's why Michael Wacha dropped to #19 in 2012 when the real story teller was not where the ball was caught, but the path it crossed the plate.

    And I'd honestly rather watch a guy, if he's going to make those mistakes, who touches 96-100 mph on his fastball with swing and miss potential vs. a guy make those mistakes throwing 85-91 mph and has All-Star game Home Run Derby pitching potential.
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    He needs to be up from opening day.

    He needs to adjust to the majors with a fresh arm and his best stuff. We don't need him throwing high pitch count games in AAA like Gibson.

    The service time issue should not be a concern for a 24 year old pitcher.

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    My guess is he's up in June/July timeframe. I'm fine with that. He could use some AAA seasoning and by then someone will have faultered or gotten hurt. I just hope they really do get some decent names to augment that starting 5. I have no problems starting Correia, Gibson, and Worley, but there needs to be two other guys who are currently not Twins on that list.

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