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Thread: Nolasco, Garza or Arroya?

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    Give Arroyo a 3yr deal $35M. There has been so much talk how he helped out the young Cincinnati Reds pitchers and was a great mentor for them. He would the perfect veteran for the Twins with Gibson and Meyer to help them out.

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    Spend $40 million on starting pitching, sign A.J., and maybe get a Doumit clone...who can really play the field. So, $50 million spent in 2014. $40 million spent in 2015/2016. $25 million spent in 2017.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrylos View Post
    How about all 3, but I'd take Kazmir ahead of all of them...
    Quite so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Wahl View Post
    Anyone paying Nolasco X number of years and 40+ million dollars is making a big mistake. How is this not blatantly clear? I am so confused.

    I would see if Garza is interested in 4 years and $72 million. I am always much more willing to pay more per year than to extend the years.

    Arroyo should be offered 2 and $24 million.
    I agree Shane. I would rather pay more over a smaller period of time to make sure we don't impede ourselves from being able to sign a young stud long-term. Also, if we go 4 for 72 i'd like to see a 5th year team option at the end. If Garza is throwing great, by 2018 we will definitely be competing, so it'd prob serve us well to still have the guy, even if it costs us 18 million.

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