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Thread: Article: Short Memory: Twins Sign Jason Bartlett

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff A View Post
    Bartlett is 34 and hasn't had a good year since 2009. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's a waste of time. It takes away at-bats and practice time from guys who might, possibly, help.
    Yes a waste of time--the chances of a 34 year old Bartlett playing for the Twins in 2014 are slim and none. He wont take playing time away from Rosario, etc. at Rochester either. I am one of the people here hoping Rosario stays at 2B because I am not convinced Dozier's 2013 second half wasn't a fluke.

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    When a team has a large number of young players under contract, all heading for the same goal, it is not be unusual for coaches/Mgrs/FO/and players/fans/writers/agents to have differences of opinion about who will be productive MLB players and lead their teams to the WS and how they will get there. Also, none is perfect and progress at different rates.

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    Who feels juiced about Florimon? He has to be the target of this deal, and if that's pressure on him to get it together and perform, then I'm all for it. Seems lo-risk, tho there was no $ amount in the article. Leverage move. Smart.

    We'll see in ST if he's hungry and still has something to prove... and if his body is whole.

    Otherwise, Bartlett = Nibblet. Lil' can o' corn. If he flunks MLB ball, he can always get a job at Tommy Bartlett's Robot World in the Dells. "Celebrity" endorsement possibilities abound. And, he can commute!

    Road-trip must-stop on the way to MIL interleague games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
    Nice, fun signing. His wife is from Rochester. I want to say that he lives there in the offseason as he's done a lot for the Red Wings in the offseasons the last several years, even since he left the organization.

    I am certain he's being promised nothing. He basically hasn't played for two years. The Twins have some options for Rochester infield, like Beresford, Santana, etc., but if he makes the AAA roster, would be a nice story, and if he doesn't, oh well. And, if he makes the Twins roster at some point in 2014, that would be a great story!
    Nice take, Seth. If Escobar and Florimon go north with the Twins, this leaves Beresford and Santana at Rochester. Bartlett fits nicely between those two locations, while building fan cred with the Red Wings. Also, Beresford projects at second base, not short. He played 94 games at second between New Britain and Rochester, and only four games at short--all in AA. Beresford was featured at shortstop throughout the low minors, but has been moved to second on his way up to AAA. Good move, Twins.

    With that said, I hope Bartlett stays in AAA--a cozy place to finish out his professional career. Then Santana can move through and push Florimon in 2015.

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