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Thread: Article: Minnesota Twins Top 50 Prospects: 6-10

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    One of the undervalued things in prospecting is "old" prospects. Some times it takes time. Guys like Koskie and Youkilis took a long time to make the majors. Youk wasn't a full time player until 27 and neither was ever a top 100 prospect.

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    Thanks Jeremy Nygard. This explains quite a bit of how they've been handling Kepler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
    of course, if a guy comes up at 25, he can still be with the organization for 12+ years.
    A guy who is 37 and still playing for his original team is probably so good that he was up in the majors well before then. Even this year's class of 37-year-olds who have moved around, which of course is the majority, include guys like ARod, David Ortiz, and even Torii Hunter (who we all thought took FOREVER to reach the majors) who were getting starters' playing time before even their 24th birthday.

    This is not to say older rookies aren't worth cultivating, just let's not go overboard.
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