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Thread: Several Starters

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    Several Starters

    When drawing up offseason plans remember the Twins operating slogan. Which goes something like this....Why pay 50 million for Ubaldo when I can get pitchers who are 75-85% as good for over half off? This way the Twins get the better production value. It does lead to a lesser rotation but with the strong bullpen the pitching is still vastly improved and could be average to slightly better than average while spending is not out of hand with dollars or long term contracts. That is why I see the Twins going after starters like Yoon, Pelfry, Colby Lewis, Scott Baker, Campuano, Hughes, Messinger,and there is a fair amount more to choose from. Terry Ryan did say he was willing to give up a second round draft pick to sign a pitcher but that would have to be someone whose market value is hurt because of the draft pick compensation like Lohse was last year and the pitcher would still need to be a fit for that to happen. I doubt that situation will arise this winter since there is more money to spend. I think Twins fans myself included would love to see them go out and spend 50 million or more on a free agent just to see them do it and get a player of that type of caliber but I don't see it realistically happening. And I really don't see the need either (ok maybe 1 starting pitcher for that type of contract maybe) since we have several pitchers on the way up after next year and several more the next 2 years after.

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    Personally, I think this:

    Ryan has pencilled in Gibson, KC, and Deduno.
    Ryan believes that one of Worley, Albers, Diamond, x already in the system can pitch.
    Ryan will sign one free agent starting pitcher

    So, given that, what kind of pitcher does he sign? I do agree, he has operated that it is better to spend half the money and get 70% of the value in the past. Will he continue that model?
    Lighten up Francis....

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    I'm not a fan of reserving rotation spots for minor leaguers. I'd let Gibson, Meyer, May, Worley (in that order) battle for bullpen spots first. If they can stick it there, then you give them a shot at the rotation after a guy inevitably gets injured or whatever. Look at the Cardinals - Rosenthal, Miller, Wainright all earned (or are currently earning) their way into the rotation. If you go this route then you can target the best arms available, pay the premium, and the team will have stronger pitching top to bottom and not just "innings eaters." They might even recoup some of the cost if they make it to arbitration - they won't be able to point to gaudy innings totals.

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