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Thread: Article: End of Year Prospect List (YOB 1990)

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    Article: End of Year Prospect List (YOB 1990)

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    You also left off my "adopt a prospect" Brett Lee born Sept. 1990. Maybe Brett wasn't on your list at the beginning of the season--he should be now. He was the Kernels 2nd half ace. He may project as a lefty bullpen guy--but his 2013 season stats give him a chance as a starter. He went 8-4 with an ERA of 2.95. He threw 2 complete games in July (the only 2 complete games for the Kernels this year until the last week.

    Some of his impressive 2nd half stats--a 3.5 ground to fly ratio. 45Ks to only 8BBs. 57IP giving up only 42 hits--so his WHIP is 0.87 and he strikes out just about 7 per 9 innings. He went 4-0 with a 1.41 ERA.

    Yes, his first half numbers weren't as stellar but they were good enough to list him higher than Corey Williams--somewhere in the 30s (though me being slightly biased would be somewhere around 27 or 28).

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