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Thread: Article: A Very Early Look at the 2014 Rochester Red Wings

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    of the pitchers listed above,

    albers,hendriks & devries probably come off the 40 man this winter & may be elibible to file free agency, almost positive albers can

    walters is not on the 40 man & not under twins control , he will file for free agency on sept 30 when minor leaguers can file.

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    If I were the Twins, I would keep Albers, Hendriks, and Hernandez around amongst all of the AAA starters brought up. Actually I would have Albers be the long man for the Twins and then pay Hendriks and Hernandez (both are too young to simply let go away) to stay around in Rochester next year. I am basing this off of FA signings (plural) because otherwise Hendriks would just be in the rotation anyway.

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    A good informative article. I just have a couple questions. Who plays first for the ML club if colabello and parmalee and pinto all play AAA? And what happens to pitchers named Deduno Hendricks Albers Diamond Gibson in the offseason, especially if the twins sign a couple more in the offseason

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    Hopefully Pinto, Hicks and Sano are in the majors and Meyer makes the Twins' rotation out of Spring Training. I am certain that Parmelee will not be in Rochester. Add 6-7 MiLB FA to your list (signed or re-signed) and you are about right.
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    After how quick a lot of people soured on Hicks after struggling after being rushed to the bigs I hope they don't make the same mistake with Sano.

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    Hicks is going be alright. He just needs some time and looking at our ML roster next year. No need to rush him up because we are not going to be competitive without a drastic change, but that change is coming soon i.e. our prospects are fast approaching.

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