In my post that I wrote earlier today, I asked a simple question. Are we living in the "Golden Age" of catchers?

There have been some great eras for catchers in the past but this season could turn out to be one of the best seasons ever for players behind the plate.

Do you think we are in the midst of the "Golden Age" of catchers?

If you had to pick one catcher to build a team around, who would it be? Why?

Here are some of the players to pick from or feel free to select someone not on this list.
AL Catchers: Mike Napoli, Alex Avila, Matt Wieters, Carlos Santana, Joe Mauer, Salvador Perez, Jesus Montero, Travis d'Arnaud
NL Catchers: Miguel Montero, Yadier Molina, Wilson Ramos, Brian McCann, Buster Posey, Devin Mesoraco