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Thread: Twins Daily's "Twins Biggest Nut" is....

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    Twins Daily's "Twins Biggest Nut" is....

    JakeE141414! Congrats! You'll be getting a CASE of Salted Nut Rolls from Pearson's to celebrate the inclusion of their iconic candy bar at Target Field. (I'll email you to get your address.) We 74 members get all the answers right and Eric was the winner of the random drawing. Here were the answers to the trivia questions:

    1. Five Twins have won the AL MVP award, including Mauer, Morneau, Carew and Killebrew. Name the fifth
    Zoilo Veralles in 1965. For a great recap of the '65 season and how Versalles put together that season, I recommend the book "Cool of the Evening" by Jim Thielman.

    2. Name the iconic Boston catcher the Twins originally drafted in the 1993 amateur draft, but never signed:
    Jason Veritek. Four years later the Twins signed a different catcher out of college, AJ Pierzynski.

    3. Name ALL THREE Twins players involved in the famous 5-4-3 "two triple plays in in one game".
    Gaetti, Newman and Hrbek. Quite a few people missed this one, including one of the TwinsCentric members , but a lot of them look like the just had a brain cramp, like the person who included Brian Harper.

    4. How many Twins have homered in the All Star game?
    Only two. Kirby Puckett and Harmon Killebrew, though Killebrew did so multiple times.

    5. 52,279 people attended the first Twins games in the Metrodome. What was the attendance for the 2nd Twins game ever in the Metrodome?
    5213. By the end of the week, Calvin Griffith started dumping veteran players, and he made three such trades by the middle of May. When national writers would ask me how bad the Metrodome was for baseball, this was my go to example.

    6. The Twins had a popular advertisement where Calvin Griffith said "I love that kid!" Who was he talking about?
    Butch Wynegar. In the commercial, it was said that Wynegar loved the game so much he would play baseball for free. Griffith's response: "I REALLY like that kid!"

    Thank you everyone for playing!

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    Awesome, thank you very much to Twins Daily and Pearson's!
    "Live, Love, Laugh, Enjoy Life" - KP #34

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