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Thread: Must Watch: Being Miguel Sano

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    Must Watch: Being Miguel Sano

    I thoroughly enjoy watching baseball with my Dad. He's equal parts knowledgeable and acerbic.

    However, as a #BallGuy, there is one thing he does that always bemuses me: Whenever he sees a hitter either (A) hacking at a pitch that is falling off the edge of the Earth or (B) watching a knee-high pitch blaze past, Dad says, without fail, (A) I can't believe he swung at that or (B) I can't believe he didn't swing at that.

    Well, yeah, right.

    Or so it seems from the luxury of a couch. Yet, putting one's self in a batter's box is completely different. For instance, this video (link) of the Twins' super-duper prospect Miguel Sano's at-bat shows the variety of breaks and speeds a hitter needs to decipher and sort through before finding the right one.

    If you have ever wondered what Miguel Sano sees in a given at-bat, you need to watch this video:

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    Fun! Though, I hope Sano is keeping his head motionless better than the umpire has to. And I hope his ocular rods and cones have more pixels than the camera does.

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    That pitcher works quickly...

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