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Thread: Video challenges come to MLB

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    Quote Originally Posted by USAFChief View Post
    I thought the real discussion was about getting more calls correct.

    Not about placating Interweb loudmouths?
    "Maybe you could go grab a bat and ball… and learn something. Maybe you will get it."
    - Strib commenter educating the elitists on the value of RBI's

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    Quote Originally Posted by USAFChief View Post
    I thought the real discussion was about getting more calls correct.

    Silly me.
    A discussion killer. No matter. The Twins probably aren't discussing it either.

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    I'm late to this thread, but agree with Chief's suggestion, and thought the same thing before I read it here. The only other thing I think would be great would be a green light/red light signal in centerfield. Maybe even a yellow when calls are under review. If there is a close play, let the 5th umpire turn on the green light to confirm the call. It engages the fans and gives them the feedback we've all wanted but haven't gotten with replays not being shown in the park.

    Yellow light if under review, red light if the call is wrong.

    If no light, it's up to the home plate umpire, batter, and catcher to keep the game moving or suffer a slow play penalty under the current rules. A green light should mitigage that, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgenswest View Post
    The real discussion should be about how a team can gain an advantage by utilizing the rules well. I would like to hear the Twins responses to these questions.

    Are the Twins preparing now? Are they simulating when they might use it during a game? Are they practicing the communication and decision making process?

    Every event in baseball has a run value. Will the bench know the value of reversing the event? Will they use the general table or a custom one that varies with the specific pitcher, batter and game condition? Some events may be easier to see in replay than others and therefore more likely to be reversed. Are the Twins studying this by looking at old video and multiple cameras?

    I hope the Twins have someone working and preparing the analytics and decision making process. Some teams are going to find a way to get advantage a squeeze out a win or two. I am guessing the Rays and Joe Maddon will be preparing. Other teams will not be as prepared. Their decision making process may be reactionary and more dependent on the emotion of the moment. Those teams might find it costs them a win or two.
    Beautifully said. I'd hope for the same things, but unfortunately, I believe many of us think the Twins will end up in that latter camp.

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