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Thread: Metropolitan Club - User experience

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    Metropolitan Club - User experience

    Just checking to see if I can get some responses from TwinsDaily members that have accessed the Metropolitan club during the game...

    Been meaning to check it out and grab something to eat there, especially since we have tickets for Sunday and the weather doesn't appear it's going to cooperate.

    Is the food worth the $?

    Is the experience worth it?

    Curious to hear others' experiences and thoughts about the club.

    Thanks in advance.

    Go Twins!

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    Haven't done the food, but I have enjoyed the bar and the outdoor deck.
    Also the bathrooms are much, much nicer than those in the concourse.
    I think it's pretty cool to at least check it out once.
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    I too am a season ticket holder and haven't eaten there, but have heard mixed reviews. It depends on what you are looking for...a lot of variety of good food or great food. If you are o.k.

    We mostly have gone up there during the mid innings to grab a drink at the bar and go out to the deck. The main deck was better the first year when they allowed you to go out to where the current Handicapped seats are (changed in year 2). The viewing angle now is not as good, plus half the time the handicapped seats are not in use. Not sure why they changed it...

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    I've only been in there a few times, but it is pretty nice. Especially, when the weather is not ideal. I also haven't tried the food. I've heard good things, but I've also heard it is on the pricey side.

    I went through all of 2010 and half of 2011 not knowing that season ticket holders have access to the Metropolitan club. Now that I know that, I have had to go up there a few times to get away from the heat and cold... depending on the day. It's is a cool experience.
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    I'm not sure about the Met club, but I know we had problems when we took my mom to a couple games the first season and all the handicapped spaces around the stadium were taken by non-handicapped people who wouldn't move. We complained a lot, so it might be our fault.

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    I hit the Metro club just about every game I go to, either before first pitch (watching people enter from the balcony/deck is a lot of fun for me) or I'll go during the middle innings to walk around or warm up/cool down.

    I have not had the food there, but hope to this year. The food seems pricey to me, so it will be for a special occasion.

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    Like others have said, the Club is great for bad weather, full bar, fun place, etc.

    I've had the buffet before the game and didn't really enjoy it. Maybe they've gotten better (this was 2 years ago), but the food was left out for the buffet too long and wasn't all that tasty, especially when compared to the rest of the food available at the park. I don't think it's worth the steep price tag.

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    I agree about the buffet. It was fun to try once but the food wasn't that great for the nearly $40 per person price tag. You can get most of the menu items on an a la carte basis after the buffet service is over but they are still rather expensive. I do like the Metropolitan Club as a space though- I enjoy the views, it's a great place to get a drink and overall a nice area for season ticket holders. And when I brought my five year old nephew to the game last year it was a nice place to go inside and warm up!

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    We have eaten at the buffet once each year.

    We have made reservations for during the game seating each time and have had great seats out on the balcony. I really enjoyed the experience both times. Essentially you are at the Legends club level just down the first baseline a little farther. I have had my son wait in line prior to the game and then they start seating 10 to 15 minutes before the first pitch. The food is not your usual ballpark staples. No hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. One time I really liked the food choices, the other time I didn't find that much that I really liked.

    Both times, I was able to sell our normal seats and purchase cheap outfield seats (to get into the park) and then pay the $35 for the buffet. It seemed like we came out even on the transaction and had a nice dinner. Last year we did it on father's day and I sat next to Dave St. Peter. the staff there is really nice and I would rate it above Old country buffet in quality but less in terms of quantity. Draw back for my wife, deserts were an extra charge.

    Hope this helps. Either way, enjoy the game.

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    Spend $40 on tickets to Legends Club if you want to sit in an enclosed area. It makes no sense to me to buy tickets to a game only to go sit inside at a table where you can't see the game and have to fight a crowd just for the privilege of showing your friends you are a season-ticket holder.

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