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Thread: Game 7 - Twins vs Texas - 4/13/12

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    Quote Originally Posted by stringer bell View Post
    Plouffe and the Aussie need to hit to play. I was surprised last year by Hughes defense, I thought he would be brutal, but he turned out be unimpressively adequate. I don't think you can consider him for regular play at second, though.
    Last year, Hughes had a UZR above 0... No one is going to claim he's a great 2B, but he's just fine there. yes, he had an error tonight, but all players have errors. It happens. Plouffe and Hughes need to continue hitting well against Lefties. They'll hit alright in the right situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaTwins View Post
    I wonder what Mauer and Morneau's batting averages are with men on base this year, besides the homers, I feel like it's pretty bad. Especially Morneau, didn't he leave like 7 men on base last night!?
    Thankfully, it's 2012, nearly everything that anyone does on a major league baseball field is recorded and put right out there in public. No need to wonder...about that. I would wonder what motivation there would be to measure something like that in cases "besides the homers."

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