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    RSS Authors

    I use RSS to watch the articles section of Twins Daily using this RSS feed: Twins Daily. One thing that I often find myself doing when reading the articles is looking for the author. Unlike most of my things I follow using RSS, Twins Daily is rather editorial, so when an author uses first person (I, my) I often glance up at the title to figure out who is talking. This doesn't appear. I was hoping this might be an option that could be added.

    Sometimes the articles do not show up correctly in Feedly and they didn't in Google Reader before its untimely death. An example would be the article titled "Arcia Powers up Offense" from 3 days ago. When I click on it in Feedly to read the blurb it doesn't show a blurb.

    Thanks for everything, I love the site!

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    Here is an example of what I am talking about with yesterday's article Mauer and the Monster.

    Between the title and the G+ icon, there should be a snippet of the article.
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    Huh. I don't use RSS but I'll try to take a look at it this weekend and see what's causing the issue.

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    Any news on RSS stuff? Or do so few people subscribe to the feed that it isn't a priority? I'd understand that, not being snarky.

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