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Thread: Brewers offer vouchers to loyal fans

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    Brewers offer vouchers to loyal fans

    "This is an investment in our fans and an investment in our brand, to do what we can do to mitigate a trying summer," said Schlesinger, noting that this is the first initiative under the team's Fans First campaign.

    The team announced Monday that each fan who shows up with a ticket to any of the team's 12 home games in August will receive a $10 voucher that will be good for food, beverages, tickets or merchandise.

    "We were finalizing something like this to give back to our loyal fans just as news of Ryan's suspension hit," said the team's chief operating officer, Rick Schlesinger. "Mark decided he wanted to make a dramatic impact that would cost more money."

    Milwaukee Brewers to distribute $10 vouchers for August games - ESPN

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    Stubhub will be very busy the next couple of days before the sellers realize how cheap they have listed their tickets for.
    Very smart of the Brewers to "give back" the money to the fans. They will probably double their money on concessions and increase tickets sales for a month for a bad team.

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