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Thread: Tough news all around

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    Tough news all around

    Well the injury bug struck and he went hard. Bad news for the Twins and Scotty. Hopefully Marquis gets back soon and Hendriks looks good when he finally pitches. It would sure be nice to have Kyle Gibson right about now.

    Really tough for Baker though. Obviously Twins fan wish him a healthy recovery but he really got the tough end of this one. The Twins obviously won't be picking up an almost 10 million dollar option next year. I wouldn't mind seeing him back with the squad on a small incentive based contract next year though.

    Get well soon Scott!

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    Is Baker owed an apology ?

    Wasn't the Twins Brass insinuating that it was in his head?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highabove View Post
    Is Baker owed an apology ?

    Wasn't the Twins Brass insinuating that it was in his head?

    I don't remember hearing/reading anything like that.

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    Just heard the news about Baker. Thats a tough blow. Looks like Hendricks will be a starter as soon as he is ready. Hopefully we can get Gibson back to pitch in September and maybe be able to move into the rotation for 2013.

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    There are a lot of tough things happening in the world. Some tend to ignore it and some are affected specially when a loved ones was involved in the incident or tragedy.

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    Too bad, but at least there is some finality to this. I do think that maybe Swarzak deserves some more high-leverage MR time like what happened with Guerrier. Diamond is an option as well. This moves everyone up. Glad that Hendriks will be up because he will perform.

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