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Thread: New Twins light pole banners

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    New Twins light pole banners

    One interesting thing I noticed about the start of the new Twins season was the new light pole banners that are featured in the downtown area around Target Field. In the past, these banners have shown many of the current members of the team in action shots from games. This year's edition of the light pole banners only have Twins logos on them.

    With all of the new faces on the Twins for the 2012 season, it might have been appropriate to have players from the current roster on the banners.

    What do you think? Were the Twins right to leave players off of the banners or was it time for something new?

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    I always liked having the players on the banners. I guess with all the rollover we'd had over the last few years they didn't want to keep making them. If they are new banners every year I don't see this issue...
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    Noticed that also, but didn't think too much of it. It's not like they only had star players, they had one for everyone (The Butera one was prominently displayed on Washington Avenue where I would go for work frequently, haha). But if there's a good chance a lot of these guys may not be on the team later in the year, perhaps they didn't want the time and effort of changing them all out.

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    It's also possible that they started making them and found that some guys were no longer with the team, or they chose not to make banners with players on them because of the number of changes (like they had to order the banners early enough in the offseason that they couldn't be sure to have the right guys on them).

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