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Thread: Gleeman: Buxton/Sano vs. past top prospect duos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Bull View Post
    What are you/you guys talking about? BJ did not "Crush" when he entered the minors. Yea he was pretty good(.882 OPS) but his number in 139 games weren't amazing, and he got worse in 106(.769 OPS) games the next year even though he was on the same team. So please tell me how that is crushing? And its not like AAA is the best minor league level lol, look at collabello. And Young in Tripple A had less than an .800 OPS in over 130 games... So what are you talking about?
    Upton's OPS was .915 as a 19-year-old (in AA & AAA) Up from the .821 OPS in his first full year of professional ball. Buxton is 19 years old.

    I'll let you look up Young's numbers through ages 18 to 20 (Sano is 20).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcarlic View Post
    Adam Dunn has hit 430 HR in the majors. If Sano hits 300 HR, I think everyone would be ecstatic considering that only Harmon has hit more than 293. I would take Adam Dunn. Batting average is only one stat. The dude can hit bombs and that is what he will be in the lineup to do.
    That's true, we probably shouldn't be disappointed with a similar career. Dunn's value according to WAR has been dragged down a lot by poor defense, which Sano's may be too, but hopefully not by as much. If we look just at offensive numbers we would have to be pretty happy with that, though I'm not sure Sano will necessarily walk as much as Dunn does, so his floor is probably still probably lower, though that's still a floor which we should expect him to better.

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    Every time a prospect strikes out I drop them 5+ spots in my personal rankings

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    I'd be happy if we ended up with another Puckett and Gaetti.

    Those guys both only spent 3 seasons in the minors, although they were a bit older.

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    Even though Sano is hitting under .200, he still has a slugging % of .500, which is pretty impressive. The Twins don't care what he bats at Double-A, they won't promote him to Triple A this season no matter how well he does.

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