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    Levi Michael

    Looking at the box scores of Fort Meyers lately, Levi Michael has really turned it on at the plate. I was wondering if anyone has anything more to add or if he has just hit a hot streak.

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    Levi was pushed hard to start his career skiping all the rookie leagues and low A and heading straight to High A for his 1st year of pro ball (he signed late and didn't play his signing year). He didn't dominate with the bat and his value as a SS was put into question when he didn't look like a plus plus defended there. Michael's is only in his second year, but when one didn't have a high celling to start, there is more pressure on that type of player to be more advance or to move faster in the system, which is where a lot of the lack of enthusiasm comes from. If Michael's can show he's a MLB starting Shortstop, there a place for him in this system for sure. I think he makes and stay in the show as a Utility Infielder though, one with some pop in his bat who can play any position, but not well enough to warrant starting for more than a week or two at a time.

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    11 for last 26 over 8gms raising his average 27 points to .261 & his slugging 43 points to .400
    Baby steps, but you gotta start somewhere.
    Needs a big 2nd half to get back into prospect standings.

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    I'm not quite as down on him as others but he certainly needs to start showing more. This is a good sign. Hopefully he continues to develop.

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    I'm not as down on him either. He is young for a college draftee and has had some injury problems that stunted his development.

    If he can just stay healthy the rest of the season that would be a big step. I agree that a utility guy is still hos floor. That can ve a useful piece.

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    I think his immediate problem, other than trying to continue his hot streak, is that he seems to have been supplanted by Mejia at SS over the last few weeks. 2B makes his weak bat all the more glaring problem.

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    Being a first rounder, he'll likely get more time, and he can move back to SS if the bat picks up. I'm not sure he's going to amount to much as a prospect at this point, but I'm hoping he can surprise. If he continues to hit well for another week or two and settles down into a sustainable slash line to finish the season, he's going to start at AA next year.

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