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Thread: Article: Lefty Logan Darnell is making his pitch

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    By the way, any word on whether or not the blister will impact Darnell's availability for his next start? He's thrown as many innings as anybody in minor league baseball to this point. The short outing might not be the worst thing for him as long as it doesn't turn into a trip to the DL

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    I agree with much of what has been said here. Yes, Darnell doesn't profile as anything other than a 4/5 starter. Having watched Albers (last season) and Darnell (several times this season) I would hands-down give the nod to Darnell. Yea, there's no lights-out stuff, but he does consistently hit 92 or so on the gun with the fastball.

    For some reason, he's been striking out more batters/9 this season than last, so let's see how he can do at AAA. Like Seth said, a #5 pitcher at league minimum is a heck of a lot better than $5 million for Kevin Correia.
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    Sometimes you don't really know exactly how a pitcher might develop. Who would of predicted that a Rule 5 draft pick who generally threw in low 90's and only threw 2 pitches most of the time(fastball and change up) would be the best pitcher in baseball for 5 years? I think part of the fun of following prospects is to see what they can get out of their stuff.

    We all get a little to married to this number thing #1, #2 etc when in reality most pitchers are seldom any one number throughout their careers. Diamond certainly pitched better than a #5 last year, even though he is living down to #5 this year. I think Correia has pitched better than #5 so far this year, even though most would say that is what he has been through most of his career.

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