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Thread: Fangraphs: Zoilo Versalles

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    Fangraphs: Zoilo Versalles

    Baseball’s O.Z.: Original Zoilo

    Nothing groundbreaking, just another look back at one of the interesting players from Twins' history.
    "Maybe you could go grab a bat and ballÖ and learn something. Maybe you will get it."
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    He sure is an interesting case and one of the few Twins to win the MVP. There's probably a good chance no other SS will win the MVP and lead the league in strikeouts in the same season again.

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    For those younger fans that never had the chance to go to Met Stadium, here's how it was.

    You'd park in that huge lot, with tall post with teams names, as I recall, so you could find your car when you left. There was no players parking lot. I think there was an area closer to up front reserved for them. So and friend and I go the the All Star game in 1965 and park and head for the stadium. Suddenly we notice who's walking along side of us, Zoilo!
    What a treat, and he was playing in the game. We talked and walked til he headed for the clubhouse and us to the stands. I've always regretted not having a pen and having him sign my ticket. But what a thrill for a couple young fellows.

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