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Thread: Game Thread: Twins @ Indians, 6/23 - 12:10pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by glunn View Post
    Sometimes I wish that TD members could read the moderator forum and see how hard we are working to try to find a maintain a balance between letting people post what they want and maintaining the spirit of TD policy.
    Theres a moderator forum?
    A Skeleton walks into a bar and says... "Give me a beer... And a mop".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverbrian View Post
    Theres a moderator forum?
    It's the one with all the cat pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashburyjohn View Post
    Meanwhile, Fien gave us a nice inning in the sixth.
    Too bad he allowed the homer in the 7th but that happens...I think overall he's a pretty reliable reliever.

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