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Thread: Article: Rochester Recap: Kyle Gibson - The Good & The Bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by amjgt View Post
    On the G&TG Weekly podcast they mentioned that this is the same team that Gibson recently shutout. I think that worth noting, but for a different reason that Gleeman was. Gleeman was implying that since he recently shut them out, this outing is a relative disappoinment (maybe that's too strong of a word).

    I take a different stance. We've been hearing this year, as our super-prospects were tearing up their respective A-ball leagues that it's important for their development to have the pitchers see them for the second time and make adjustments. Only then will we get a true feel for their development.

    Why can't the same go for pitchers? This Toledo team has recently faced Gibson, presumably developed their scouting report on him, more fully, and Gibson was still able to hold them to 1 run over 7 innings. Perhaps Gibson was able to get the Mud Hens to chase outside the zone on the first go-around. This game Toledo laid off those pitches and drew some walks, but ultimately Gibson was able to work around those walks and give his team a great chance to win.
    Well-stated. If Gleeman said anything like this (which I'm sure he did), he's guilty of overanalysis and ridiculous expectations. What did he expect from Gibson for an encore? A no-hitter with 19 Ks?

    Gibson is in his first full year coming off of TJ, it is a given that his performances should be somewhat uneven. Given that, I'm not sure if he's more uneven than the next "average" pitcher who never had the surgery- and Gibson's numbers aren't average- he's overall the #2 pitcher in FIP in the IL- even with the uneven performances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Smith View Post
    Gibson is at 80 innings pitched. With the Twins stated limit of 130 +/- he has about 8 starts left. If they really want him to see some action at "major league level" time is running out.

    Quote Originally Posted by cmathewson View Post
    He has been very good to excellent in four out of the last five starts. No Twin starter has been as consistent over the last month. All other measures they can cite constitute double standards. Walks? Look at Deduno.
    And yup.

    I fail to see why it's acceptable for Hicks, Arcia and Parmelee to fine tune their game and sand off the rough edges at the MLB level but not Gibson, and that's to say nothing of the non-prospects like Deduno, Walters, Hernandez and Escobar. This organization is strangely selective about who gets handled as though they were a delicate flower.

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    I suspect it's a case by case basis, and the reasoning likely varies form case to case.

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    Except, as the Fangraphs chat reminded us last night, pitchers have a limited number of pitches in their arms, and when they are close to ready, they should be up, using those pitches in the majors, not in the minors. But apparently, the Twins do not agree. They own the team, nothing I can do about it.....
    Lighten up Francis....

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