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Thread: Pitch to contact was not in their vocabulary

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    Pitch to contact was not in their vocabulary

    Many of us that watch the Twins day in and day out complain about the number of hits that the Twins pitchers allow and bemoan the Twins so-called pitching philosophy of "pitch to contact". The baseball glossary defines "pitch to contact" as "a pitcher who doesn't try to strike out batters but instead tries to get them to hit the ball weakly, especially on the ground". Pitch to contact is probably not the preferred Twins method but you have to work with what you have and the Twins just don't have the strikeout type pitchers right now but they have had some over the years and here are some of the best.

    You can check out the entire blog at Pitch to contact was not in their vocabulary | Twinstrivia.com

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    Always good to remember the guy they nicknamed "The Blade"

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