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Thread: Who should be our next TV guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Wahl View Post
    Robinson and Kaat were great. I grew up to that. And then this . . .
    I should have said my favorites were Ray Scott and Halsey Hall - but since they're both gone I'd still take Robinson and Kaat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverbrian View Post
    My first choice would be: Billy Ripken... He's the best analyst on MLB network.

    My Ex-Twin first choice would be: Jack Morris and Tom Kelly as a team with a PBP guy but please do not require TK to wear a suit.
    Never ever T.K. i fall asleep 2 innings into the game hes a fill in for

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    Drew Butera should be available soon. He can't hit, but can he talk?

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    I'm beginning to think that what they need most is a new producer (and a new attitude).

    I know the team isn't very good but I would still like the broadcast to be more about baseball than entertainment. Because, for me, baseball IS entertainment.

    Who comes up with these things like the poll on players with a presidential last name? I guess they think they are being clever and relating it to the game site but to me it was just stupid.

    My preference in the next color guy is someone other than Smalley, Coomer and Laudner (I don't think TK is even interested except for a few games a year). I'd really like someone who doesn't fall into cliches (a tall order, I know) and who knows that silence is sometimes golden (and who can convince Bremer of that).

    I haven't seen anyone yet that I'd want as Bert's permanent replacement.

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