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Thread: The Minnesota Twins' Five Biggest First-Round Busts

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    I don't think posting busts and talking about them is negative at all. I think it shines a light on how difficult it is.

    I like to see lists like this and for better understanding and peer comparison I'd like to see lists from every team.

    All the teams miss and miss a lot.

    This isnt a slam on anyone but I think Major League Baseball front offices are more informed and less confident and the majority of us are less informed and more confident.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeypaws View Post
    Mills seemed like a real safe pick at the time, son of a pitching coach. great college career, lefty, good size. Sometimes good picks don't pan out.
    I took a long look at Mills heading into the article, but the fact that Ryan botched the Lee pick because he didn't know the rule book was pretty dumbfounding. Mills should have been on the list possibly to replace Matt Moses, but both are worthy of being on here. Think of Mills as the top honorable mention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverbrian View Post
    This isnt a slam on anyone but I think Major League Baseball front offices are more informed and less confident and the majority of us are less informed and more confident.
    That trend varies in proportion to how long a player has been in baseball. Front offices know a ton more about almost any given draft prospect than most fans do, not just because of how knowledgeable scouts are, but because of the massive resources they have to see so many first-hand or consult trusted experts about others.

    But after a player has multiple seasons in the minors, the gap between front offices and fans narrows a bit, and continues to do so as a player makes it to the majors and sustains a career there. By the time a guy is a 30 year old free agent with 6 or 7 MLB seasons, the gap in FO and fan knowledge is a fraction of what it was on the day that player was drafted. How much that gap still is by that point will always be a controversy.

    At any rate, totally agree about the randomness of the MLB amateur draft. It seems to have more high-round busts and low-round successes than the other three major sports' drafts combined. Hoping the Twins are on their collective game for this year's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdwatcher View Post
    Knock yourself out, my friend. Enjoy your fascinating and depressing discussion.
    i am fascinated, thank you. Your comments say a lot about how eager you are to cry "negativity".

    The busts and flops are the ying to draft day steals yang. It's part of the unique intrigue of sports and everyone should be able to enjoy that discourse without your nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePuck View Post
    and yet, you still took time to complain about it anyway...
    Moderator warning -- Birdwatcher has been banned and others are risking bans if they continue this bickering.

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