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Thread: "There is NOOOO smoking... in Target Field?"

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    I certainly respect countering opinions on this issue, but from my perspective, kudos to the Twins organization for this one. I respect someone's right to smoke, but I don't want to smell it, breathe it, or otherwise have to deal with it. Personally, I don't want to have to avoid an area of Target Field to allow smokers (plus its likely very difficult to create an area to specifically house them). I think they have bent to the popular will on this. Nothing worse than enjoying the outdoor air, only to have it poluted by something smelling worse than the Metrodome's bathrooms.
    Right. It probably isn't a true "health hazard" in an outdoor environment (unless you're right on top of a concentrated area with all the smokers), but that isn't the ONLY justification for this. Public opinion (as well as the laws governing bars and restaurants in Minneapolis, NYC, and many other cities) has shifted on this opinion. This isn't "Mad Men", we set rules to accommodate the greater good, not to appease a declining minority of the customer base who threaten to remove their sales if they can't make it through a 2-3 hr baseball game without a cigarette.

    It's funny that one of the biggest argument against the location of Target Field were the supposed fumes from the nearby trash incinerator, which I haven't heard anyone even mention in the last two years. Well, to a lot of people (not me, necessarily), cigarette smoke is the equivalent of smelling burning or rotting trash. It's a good move by the Twins and I don't even view it as particularly controversial, given the greater population at large.

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    Glad to see the holier-than-thou anti-smoking zealots are happy.

    I object to your drinking a beer. It alters your mental state and thereby makes life more dangerous for me. I think we should ban beer drinking at TF too. I assume you agree. If not, draw your own conclusions.

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    They should also ban smokers from having a cigarette anywhere, including their own home or cars, at least 4 hours prior to arriving at the ballpark to ensure no smoke smell remains in their hair or clothing that might be noticed by other ballpark goers.
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    Wow, this is interesting, just last night in between innings Barbaro Garbey would take Smoke Breaks beneath the bleachers downe 1st base side, he's been doing that for years....funny to see this thread brought up.
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    The Tribune reported that Nishioka was the only Twins Player who smokes. He may be subject to the no reentry policy but for other reasons.

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