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Thread: Went to a Kernels Game....

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    Went to a Kernels Game....

    I took the family down to a CR Kernels game on Saturday. We were going to go Sunday too but it got rained out. Random observations from someone who hasn't played since high school, and wasn't very good then:

    No surprise, but Buxton stands out. He has muscles showing in places nobody else does, like the back of his leg above his knee and the back of his neck. Like Sano last year, he noticeably stands out physically. My kid asked him after the game what, if any, exercises he did/does to help his speed. He laughed and said "nothing". Just pure, raw athleticism. Amazing to see.

    Berrios pitched, and did better than his line (5IP, 9H, 4R, 1ER, 8SO, 1BB) Some of his strikeouts were just overpowering and he looked to have very good control. The stadium gun said he hit 94. It baffles me that he can throw 94, he's not that big and his motion isn't as smooth or natural as I expected it to be. He was the victim of some bloopy hits and a really bad error in the first inning by Candido Pimentel. After the error, Berrios stomped around behind the mound, shaking his head and acting disgusted. A coach (I believe it was Lucas) bounced out of the dugout and had what looked like a very one-way conversation with him. It didn't seem to do much, as Berrios showed more frustration later in the inning on a 2nd/Home double steal, when Arias's throw to second bounced about 15 ft. short of 2nd base, allowing the runner on 3rd to score easily.

    After reading about Harrison all spring, it was a surprising to see that he really doesn't look like a power hitter. He's just an average looking guy, maybe 6'1" 200? Not athletic looking at all, looks like a guy who could be spending 8 hours a day at a desk. He just has a swing that produces power. I know this is baseball and that not everyone has to look like a monster, but how many really average looking guys end up being successful power hitters at the major league level? I guess it's better to hit like a power hitter than look like one, but it always baffles me when professional athletes don't appear to be lifting.

    Somebody needs to feed Candido Pimentel. He is off the charts skinny. My 75 lb 10 year old said that he thought is legs were thicker than Candido's.

    I'm excited about Polanco, he looked (to my untrained eye) to be really comfortable at SS and at the plate. Hicks has a big frame, he would be a monster with another 20 lbs. Walker is already there. Tyler Duffy was really nice signing and chatting after the game, he's got that barrel build that's great to see in pitchers.

    It was pretty clear that CR was loaded with talent, but Burlington played clean and got the breaks. Can't wait to get down to CR again soon!

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    Nice work... thank you!

    I would say that not all power hitters have to look the part. I kind of agree with you on Harrison. I didn't think he looked huge, but he's really strong, very strong hands. And, he'll grow more.

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    I love these first hand updates, really, thank you.
    Lighten up Francis....

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    I went to the same game and that was a very good recap of the players. It was a fun Star Wars night. The one thing I don't agree with grover is though Polanco bat looks advanced, his arm looked a little weak for SS. I think he'd be a very good defensive 2B, but the plays happen faster at the MLB level and I'm worried teams are going to hit a few too many infield hits against him.

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    I don't really remember seeing a throw by Polanco, maybe I was getting a beer and missed it. I'm just saying he looked confident and comfortable at SS. I've seen the opposite - Pimentel at 2B, like Sano last year at 3B.

    For sure, he'd make a good 2B. He doesn't really have the rangy, agile athletic build you want to see in a SS. Maybe the twins finally have hope on the horizon at 2B, with Rosario and Polanco if he doesn't stick at SS.

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    Thanks for the report. My brother and I are going down to CR June 8-9. My daughter lives nearby so I'll get to see her and get to see some fun MiLB.

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    I thought the same thing about Harrison when I saw him at ST. Compared to the likes of Sano and Vargas and Walker he looks small, but yeah he's definitely got some pop.

    I'm planning to head to the game Friday at Kane County to get a look at Berrios in person. I'm pretty pumped to see them all in live game action. I never got to see that at ST, just drills and BP.

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