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Thread: Article: Access and Accountability

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    I'm glad you decided to write on the subject, Nick. Thoughtful and reasoned, as always.

    I also commend you for taking the high road. I would have been tempted to offer a far less dignified response. The stuff he said was childish, illogical, insulting, and flat out wrong.

    It's pretty ironic to me for him to complain about bloggers not being accountable for getting things wrong like he is. Seems to me he got this one pretty wrong, but I doubt he'll face consequences for it. (At least none beyond the same ones that bloggers face - a loss of credibility after a bunch of other people point out how wrong you are.)

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    ChuckkJay and luckylager - I couldn't agree more with your opinions of Souhan, Mackey, and Pelissero (Vikings). Those three on ESPN 1500 are unlistenable. Souhan has never had an original thought in his life and does rewrite the same articles over and over again. Mackey and Pelissero are immature and have a sense of entitlement in their attitudes. They feel that their opinions are never wrong because they are paid to cover the local sports teams. They haven't been around long enough to be arrogant and as opinionated as they are. Once they have been around as long as Reusse they can get away with acting they way they do now. Joe C. is the only "beat writer" I read consistently. LENIII is ok at times, but he is too close to the players and won't say anything negative about them to avoid being ignored by them. I could care less what Gardy's thought process was why he pinch hit Revere for Plouffe. I would rather read what bloggers have to say.

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    There are two aspects to covering a team: reporting facts and providing analysis of them. And there are two kinds of facts as well, those that come from seeing events and looking at the record and those private events that are only known by the people involved.

    Anyone can do analysis based on the facts. The quality will vary depending on the talent of the writer, how much time is devoted to research or thought, and the quality of the facts being considered. But in general it takes no special access to form an opinion and spew it out there. And these days a lot of the fact reporting happens on its own as MLB churns out game reports and stats on the internet for free. So the only realm left that requires access is the behind the scenes stuff that pros like Mackey dig out.

    I know I'm in MN, not Florida. I'm in my car or office, not the clubhouse. I talk to the idiots sitting around me, not Terry Ryan or players or TK. I form all sorts of stupid opinions based on, well not a heck of a lot, honestly. But that's what people have been doing for decades out in the bleachers or down at the bar because that's what we're supposed to do. Players and reporters and others in the know have been ignoring us for a hundred years. But now, through the power and majesty of the glorious internet, my water cooler-grade opinion is available to the entire world and is harder for folks to ignore.

    I'm sympathetic to Mackey's complaints, I guess, but honestly, people in the game have been putting up with this stuff for ages. It isn't new and it isn't fair and it isn't any different from what players have said forever about columnists who couldn't possibly know the true story etc etc etc. There's no accountability and we couldn't know and, well, shut up and do your job Phil. It's how things work no matter how frustrating you find it. Move on.

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    Good read. Thanks, Nick.
    Not sure why people read this looking for your opinion yet get upset when you write your opinion. It's not as if he tricked you guys and titled this "Jeff Gray challenges Scott Baker for roster spot" or "Mauer requests trade after Butera demotion". You knew what it was about. Don't like it, don't click on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USAFChief View Post
    As a consumer of content from both sides, I just wanted to say "thanks" for giving me the option.
    I'll second that. While there is value in hearing from those with access, there is also value in hearing from those who can speak plainly without worrying about jeopardizing that access.

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