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Thread: Article: Rochester Recap: Vance Worley's Debut

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    Article: Rochester Recap: Vance Worley's Debut

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    That's awesome, great for him. Sounds like he has the right attitude

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    This a great quote:
    “It’s very important to get one of these types of games in”, Worley, said. “I’ve been struggling all year starting in the spring. I haven’t been myself. The velocity has been there, the break on everything is there, and it’s just a matter of getting it down. I needed this, I need to find myself down here so that I can go back up and help those guys.”
    1st - Fantastic attitude. No B.S. No complaining. No whining. He took his demotion like a man
    2nd - Shows he doesn't want to get back just to be in the big leagues but he wants to help the team win. This tells me that the MLB team still has a pretty good vibe in the clubhouse.
    3rd - Shows he knows what he needs to do to get back up.

    Hopefully he has a few starts, figures it out and gets right back up.

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    Great work, Chris! This is wonderful!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
    Great work, Chris! This is wonderful!!

    You could tell he wants to get back to the big leagues as soon as possible (of course), but at the same time he knows he needs to work on a few things to make that happen. The start wasn't perfect, but it was definitely a huge confidence boost for him, and that can go a long way especially with players that are struggling. You never know how a player is going to respond to a new team or a new league, with Worley there may just be a bit of a learning curve for him to adjust.... it'll be interesting to see if he continues to improve in his next start.

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