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Thread: Souhan: Free Agent Pitchers Not The Answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    1. Drafted Gausman, which everyone last week called idiotic, but I still think is right. Actually, I'd have drafted Appel.....either would be the Twins' best starter now.

    2. Promote Gibson. That would give them Appel/Gausman at 1, Gibson and Diamond at 2/3.

    3. Sign Grienke, I know, idiotic according to many, but if you have Grienke, Appel, Gibson, Diamond, other, that's a top 10 rotation, imo.

    4. Draft the best pitcher in this year's draft....so Shipley, Stanek, or Stewart. All three are 1-3 years away (so they can replace Diamond if three years, or be the number 5 if sooner).
    This isn't exactly what I would do but clearly one of many strategies vastly superior to how the team is run now. I think we can disagree on the best ways to rebuild but I would be excited if the Twins had executed what you outlined here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmathewson View Post
    It's more than you typically get for a center fielder who will not likely get on base more than a third of the time and who has no power and no arm.
    Then don't trade him.
    Even with his liabilities, which people seem to love to point out, he is still a WAR positive player, making the league minimum.
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