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Thread: Rosario Benched

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Cross View Post
    Or maybe he's pissed he's still in Single A. I don't blame him.
    What are you talking about, why would a guy be pissed he was still in A+ ball when he's only been in the minors four years? It's his own fault they decided to make him a 2B, cause of all the OF depth, delaying his rise up the minors.

    Anyway, since they won't tell us what really happened, nor should they, we can all take what few words they gave us and just assume it was the players fault 100%

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    I heard what happened when it happened. It makes sense for a guy to be taken out of hte game and miss a game for that type of thing. It is something that happens a time or two each year in the TWins (And likely all others) organizations. It's not a big deal long term, but it has to be addressed. THe TWins, and Mientkiewicz are in the right here. But it's not worth making much out of it.

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