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Thread: Article: Twins MLB Draft Profile: Clint Frazier, OF

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    Article: Twins MLB Draft Profile: Clint Frazier, OF

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    Thats a horrible uniform and lots of eye black...

    From all tell he has crazy good bat speed. If Bryant, Appel, & Gray are gone, and Stewart looks like a tough sign, I wouldn't be outraged over this pick.

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    Frazier's bat speed looks crazy fast. obviously seeing it through videos, i'm not sure if it's truly faster than most other players bat speeds. from the video that i seen i like Frazier, but he does have drawbacks. he's listed as 6ft in most posts i've seen on him. the major league projection is just hard to figure out. 6ft could be plenty tall enough though... maybe Frazier's just exceptionally talented. i like Frazier over Meadows, but Meadows has a little more projection. right now i'd prefer Stewart, the twins need to bring their A game to the negotiation tables though. I don't think Stewart would pass up the money, but if his heart is set in playing football can't fault him.. isn't Jason Bay near ginger enough? Mark Mcgwire was a ginger..

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    I would be very happy with Frazier, if that is who the Twins select. According to everything I have read, he can hit. Guys who have the hit tool present seem to exceed expectations because hitting is the most fundamental skill in baseball and probably the hardest to teach. Eddie Rosario is a great example of a guy who can just flat out hit. He often isn't looked at as a big time prospect, but he almost certainly will play in the Majors because he can hit.

    I'd probably prefer Stewart at this point as well, but I would be happy with Frazier.

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    I'd put him 5-7th overall on my list....so I would not cry if he was the pick, though I'm sure I'd type a 10 paragraph rant about how this team will never have pitching if they keep passing on it (or using all their high picks on college relievers.....).

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    I'm 100% on Stewart if the Big3 are gone. Stewart>Frazier>Meadows. Although I do like Moran. He seems to have a very projectable hit tool and has a better chance to stick at 3rd than do guys like Bryant, Sano or even Harrison.

    With so many guys in our system able to move to a corner OF position, I think the Twins should take Stewart or Moran. I would even consider Shipley or Ball before another outfielder, take this discount and spend more on a high upside/tough sign kid later.

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    I wish you hadn't shown me that photo. I liked Frazier 50% more before I had to factor in the eye-black-indicates-the-kid-might-very-well-be-a-dope/dbag into my analysis. On the other hand, if he'd gone with some clowny-white - with his hair color - I would DEMAND the Twins take him.

    I like Frazier and wouldn't mind if he was the pick. Given that he is expected to go 6 or lower it seems like the Twins should be able to negotiate some savings if they like him best. I am still riding the Stewart train if the "Big 3" are gone.
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    I like this kid a lot. You just cannot over value a great work ethic combined with world cass bat speed and a real good arm. Buxton, Sano, Arcia, Frazier & Hicks is a lot of potential offense.

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