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Thread: Max Kepler

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    Manager Jake Mauer indicated before Thursday's game that Kepler's finger is feeling good and he could be available off the bench and may be back in the lineup Friday.

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    Here is an article from BA about Max Kepler. It has a little about Kepler's background and how he has grown up since being signed from Germany in 2009. It more about Kepler as a person than about what his baseball abilities are, though there is a little about that as well. Interesting read.

    Max Kepler Adds At-Bats In Fall League - BaseballAmerica.com

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    Kepler has hit safetly in 5 of the 6 AFL games he has played including 2 doubles and 3 RBI, for a .304/.346/.391 (.737) line. One good sign is that he has better numbers against lefties than righties. Check out this writeup on his 2-4 game Wednesday:

    Glendale's Max Kepler outshines arms, Twins teammates | twinsbaseball.com: News

    I imagine the Twins will have quite a dilema on his hands if he has a strong rest of the AFL deciding whether to add him to the 40 man to protect him from the rule V draft.

    Also, I apologize for not posting more towards the end of the season. I can tell posting slowed down as this thread is now at the bottom of the 2nd page of a google search for "Max Kepler". For most of the year it was the top result.

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