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Thread: Alex Meyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by beckmt View Post
    Depends on whether he is so good in AAA, he forces his way up here. That is what TR is hoping.
    Exactly! When Meyer is ready to shine on the big stage they will find a spot for him, as it should be. This won't be another Gibson, where the rotation imploded and they were looking for a savior. Long term, I don't believe it hurt Gibson, but it certainly didn't help him.

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    I think Meyer is up when he shows he's ready. Last year we had 8 starters make 10 or more starts. The year before it was 9. Don't worry about him being blocked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgenswest View Post
    I hope May 1 at the latest. He needs to adjust to he majors with a fresh arm and his best stuff. As long as he doesn't show significant control issues in spring, it really should be opening day.

    I wouldn't be concerned about service time for a 24 year old pitcher. If it is a concern, get the extra year of service by waiting a few weeks. They should absolutely not worry about super 2. If he pitches lights out and earns big dollars in arbitration a year early, pay him and be thankful.
    Agree with this.

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    Not really baseball related, but an interesting read non the less.


    Sounds like a pretty normal guy, just trying to starve off boredom and give back to the community a bit.

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    Thanks, that's a really cool article Intramural Legend. Meyer sounds like a really cool, down-to-earth, guy. Great to have people like him on the team.

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    great article. thanks for sharing.

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