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Thread: Article: Could Capps perform better than Nathan in '12?

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    Article: Could Capps perform better than Nathan in '12?

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    By considering all of this information, is there any way that Capps could end up performing better than Nathan during the 2012 season?
    What's your criteria? ERA? WHIP? Less HR allowed?

    I guess it really doesn't matter. No, Capps will not end up performing better than Nathan. Capps has a pretty good fastball, but it's a flat fastball. If you look closely you can see flecks and drops of gravy spinning off his meatball pitches. That's why he gives up so many dingers.
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    Nathan has a better team which will help him if he performs well, but since his team will be a contender, he'll also likely have a shorter leash. Many people expected the Rangers to hand the closer's job to Mike Adams who they got from San Diego last year. He is viewed as a ready made closer as it stands. If Naftali Feliz struggles as a starter, he very well could be given his old job back too.

    Perkins could certainly be given the job at some point if Capps again struggles, but the Twins have shown a strangely affectionate loyalty to Capps over the past couple of years. If both pitchers perform below expectations, I think Nathan gets the hook first.

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    Matt Capps is better than he showed last year. He's no all-star (2010 notwithstanding) but he's a solid relief pitcher who should get a few more outs this year

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    I heard on the radio today that Capps is working on a split-finger fastball. I wish him well. He needs another pitch.
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    Sure Matt Capps could outperform Joe Nathan in 2012.

    A better question is: Who cares?

    The Rangers certainly will care if Capps is his usual pedestrian self and Nathan underperforms even that modest expectation. After all, they're coming off a season where they were one of the best teams in baseball.

    The Twins front office will care if Capps tears it up in the first half, the team falls out of contention around the break, and some goofball organization offers a legit prospect for Capps. The odds that they'd be smart enough to deal him seem small, but there needs to be some room for optimism this year.

    And Perkins will certainly care how well Capps performs, although not relative to Nathan. He's not only the first in line to inherit the closer role if Capps either falters or is dealt. He's the only one.

    But for the average Twins fan, I can't imagine how Capps' performance, either relative to Nathan or taken on its own merits, is a significant storyline for 2012. He's an average reliever for a mediocre team that's not going to contend even if Capps pitches well. Of course maybe some Twins fans are holding their breath waiting to see if the Twins blow 6 million on Capps' 2013 option...

    If they don't pick up his option, I doubt the team or fans will miss Capps. After all, knowing the Twins, we'll still have Drew Butera around for a decade or so to fill in for Capps in his most important role: reminding us that the Twins gave up Wilson Ramos to get Matt Capps.

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    I believe Perkins may convert more save opportunities than Joe Nathan this year.

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