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Thread: Article: Should Luke Hughes Start at 2B for the Twins?

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    I'd love to see Hughes get a shot to start. Solves the backup SS problem with Casilla as the utility man, and perhaps Hughes burst through with reliable and desperately needed production on this club. Why not take a chance? We did with Casilla.... well, we keep taking that chance with Casilla, hoping he can put it together. Unless Hughes' defense is a real liability at 2B, give him a shot to start and keep starting. If he blows it, then put Casilla back in... this seems like a great bet.
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    What if Luke Hughes were to bat against lefties? Is he a better hitter against lefties? The major league sample is not sufficiently large. On the surface, it appears he has been a poor hitter on either side with an edge to hitting against right handed pitching. At the sample size, the K/W ratio may be more telling.

    RHP 55/14 in 217 PA
    LHP 27/10 in 107 PA

    Looks like a poor hitter either way with no apparent platoon advantage. You can look at some minor league data here.


    Luke Hughes may be a late bloomer. He'll need to be because there is no evidence based on past performance to suggest he is anything more than a AAAA player. In fact, I question whether any team would claim him if they tried to send him down at some point this year.

    I would go with Alexi for now and put hope in Dozier for the summer (with Carroll as utility)

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinswon1991 View Post
    Blacky couldnt crack the rotation on any other AL team. No team would give a bag of balls for him unless the Twins ate his entire contract. You must not watch regular season games if you think Blacky belongs in the Bigs.
    Seriously? I'm not going to pretend that Nick Blackburn is some elite pitcher or anything, and the twins probably made a mistake giving him the long-term deal they did when they did...but if you don't think Nick Blackburn doesn't belong in MLB I just don't know what to tell you. His first 2 full seasons with the Twins he had an ERA+ of 103 and 109 and WAR of 2.2 and 2.8. That's a nice solid number for a back of the rotation guy. Year 3 was awful (75 ERA+ and a negative WAR), but last season was a step back in the right direction, except for the injuries. Healthy, there's no reason to believe Nick Blackburn can't put up an ERA+ of 105-110 and a WAR of 2-3. If you don't think that kind of player doesn't have a place on a big-league roster you're living in fantasyland.

    The same kind of analysis can apply to Luke Hughes: are we expecting him to be Dustin Pedroia? No! But the Twins 2Bs last season were dismal. It wouldn't take a lot for Hughes to be a significant improvement on what we got out of that position last year, and he seems capable of the job. Having competent, reliable, quality MLB players down the roster goes a long way towards making a team a winning ballclub. The twins aren't going anywhere if Mauer, Morneau, and Liriano don't have good, healthy seasons. But even if they do, the team isn't going to be a winning ballclub if they don't get reasonable production at 2B, CF, 3B, and the bench. (the pitching staff is another issue). Hughes can help the production at 2B; the question is, should he be starting? I'm leaning towards yes.

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    Luke Hughes is all of 13 days younger than Casilla. I think he has a role on a major league team, and it might even include some time starting in the same way that Jamey Carroll has had a role that includes some time starting. I hope Hughes can eventually replicate his 759 career OPS in AAA, and I'm hopeful they'll find some good moments for him to get at-bats, but I don't bench Casilla for him. ON the other hand, I don't have any problem with him stepping in if there's an injury.

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    "But then in a lot of games, Casilla doesn't have Casilla's range."-- that's a pretty good summation of Alexi Casilla's defense.

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see Hughes in at 2B, or take over the role at third over Danny Valencia.

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