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Thread: Fantasy Research (Value picks, duds, rookies, waiver tips, etc.)

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    Fantasy Research (Value picks, duds, rookies, waiver tips, etc.)

    My draft is Sunday for my head to head league. I'm mostly interested in finding mid to late round value right now, but I haven't done a good job keeping up on injury updates. And usually when it's written up on the big sites, there's no advantage at that point in the knowledge. I'm using Yahoo. I'm in a 12 team H2H 6x6 with OPS and K/BB as the extra categories.

    I'm looking at yahoo's current rankings and finding guys who I think may be undervalued, cross checking fangraphs projections and rotoworld spring training progress. Then I take their rank, divide it by 12 to tell what round I should expect them to be taken. If I want to reach for them, I'll consider them for the round before the expected draft round. For example: I kind of like Brennan Boesch's prospects this year. Yahoo has him at 196. In a 12 team league that means he's be expected to be drafted in the 16th round unless someone really reaches. Therefore if I do want to reach, I'd be thinking the 15th to start considering him on my radar. Other prospective reaches I'm considering are the following. Please speak up if you think I've got any of these wrong or if I'm missing anyone.

    Potentially Outperform list

    Dustin Ackley - 11th round (expected to go in the 12th)
    Brennan Boesch - 15th
    Emilio Bonafacio - 12th
    Gabi Sanchez - 15th
    Jason Kubel - 16th
    Doug Fister - 15th
    Francisco Liriano - 19th
    Doug Fister - 15th
    Justin Smoak - 22nd
    Ryan Doumit - 27th
    Yadier Molina - 16th
    Josh Willingham - 15th
    Wilson Ramos - 22nd
    Tyler Clippard - 26th

    I haven't made the underperform expectation list yet.

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    Just an FYI, last Sunday I participated in a 14 team, 25 round draft... I posted the draft round by round, and fans can use it as part of a cheet sheet or just to see where people went in one draft... (Note, I had a problem with the Auto-Pilot in the early rounds. That's how I got Mauer, Ackely and Weeks. Oops!) http://www.twinsdaily.com/showthread...-Live-Coverage

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    Bah, I should have just posted in that thread then. Sorry.

    Were there a lot of Twins fans in that league? I'm the only Twins fan in my league so I'm assuming I can really sit back on my Liriano pick.

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    We all from Minnesota and probably Twins fans... but generally no one wants to be the 'homer' so I don't think there is much homerism... although my accidental pick of Mauer was about a round or two too early!

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    12 team league, no keepers or anything special.

    1. (8) Troy Tulowitzki SS
    2. (17) Roy Halladay SP
    3. (32) Tim Lincecum SP
    4. (41) CC Sabathia SP
    5. (56) Mike Napoli C,1B
    6. (65) Michael Young 1B,2B,3B
    7. (80) Michael Bourn OF
    8. (89) Drew Storen RP
    9. (104) Brett Gardner OF
    10. (113) J.J. Putz RP
    11. (128) Andre Ethier OF
    12. (137) Brandon League RP
    13. (152) Martin Prado 3B,OF
    14. (161) Huston Street RP
    15. (176) Kelly Johnson 2B
    16. (185) Jhoulys Chacin SP
    17. (200) Colby Lewis SP
    18. (209) Erick Aybar SS
    19. (224) Alexi Ogando SP
    20. (233) Ricky Nolasco SP
    21. (248) Seth Smith OF
    22. (257) Carlos Zambrano SP
    23. (272) Jarrod Parker SP
    24. (281) Gaby Sanchez 1B
    25. (296) Luke Hughes 1B,2B,3B

    Comments? Thoughts? How bad was it to draft pitchers for no. 2 no. 3 and no. 4?

    Edit: Feedback from baseball masters Seth and Nick would be awesome! lol
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    Gabi Sanchez is a really nice 281st pick.

    It's a little ace SP heavy for my liking, as I like to take dependable bats early. So you're probably relatively light on dependable boppers. But there are always different ways of going about it and I've had a terrible run of it in the last few years so what do I know.

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    Yeah, posting this roster on other forums people have been ripping into me. I understand getting big bats early is the way to go but with 8th pick I kept falling on pitcher after pitcher, couldn't help myself. All the good 1B and 3B were already gone. So I went for speed/SB's, which translates into runs , average, and if im lucky OPS.

    Last year I had like the 4th overall pick and happened to get all 3, Adrian, Ellsbury, and Bautista! Also had David Wright but of course he was an epic fail last year.

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