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Thread: BoSox - Twins trade proposal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgoat_MN View Post
    mnfanforlife - really like this question.
    I don't know what a team would have to surrender for Xander Bogaerts, but I have to beleive it would be a lot.
    Methinks even Buxton (could we trade him now) does not look like the sure thing Bogaerts looks like.
    And a SS like that is what everyone but the Rockies are looking for.

    True. Maybe the Rangers are ok at SS too? But most every team wants a player like Bogaerts,

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    I'll make another point in this hypothetical. While the trade won't happen I think it does highlight why you always draft the best player available and let things sort out later. If the Twins get lucky and top prospects pan out they could potentially have Hicks and Buxton as good defensive CFs which have significant value (as we saw with Revere and Span) and can be moved for more value then would have been gained by reaching for a need position in the first round.
    Papers...business papers.

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    I would make the trade but it's not going to happen. Boston has basically nothing at SS and Bogaerts has been considered untouchable by them.

    I'm not sure criticizing the Twins for lack of Curacao players is worthwhile. In the last 5 years the Twins practically completely reversed their int'l approach and are actually spending significant money now. They also are heavily scouting countries that have very little MLB presence.

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