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Thread: Article: TD Top Prospects: #1 Miguel Sano

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    In batting practice in Beloit this year, when Sano was struggling at 3B, Tommy Watkins had him take ground balls at SS instead of 3B to remind him that he's an athlete and can be an athlete at third base. That's why I thought he looked so much better at 3B in the second half than when I saw him in the first half.

    He also spent time shagging fly balls in the outfield, and although he's not JD Williams fast, he can cover some ground. There's no need for him to move now, but I like that he's taking time at other places. He'll be fine if he needs to move elsewhere at some other time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegrin View Post
    I rented Pelotero from the Hennipin County Library. It is worthwhile to watch it. Check your local library and see if it is available.

    Good call. I now have a hold on the Central's copy.

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    The results of his medical tests, especially the bone marrow scan, as well as other aspects of the investigation into his age render it impossible that he is any older than 20 and easily leave it as far-fetched at best to believe he has been lying about his age.

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    In 2015+ Hicks in center, Arcia and (maybe) Kepler or Buxton (center?) in the corners. Either way, the outfield will be to crowded for Sano unless we trade one of these guys for some pitching. So, I expect Sano to end up moving over to 1st when he hits AAA. I realize Sano's .884 fielding is just a start at 3rd and he could improve, but Twins fans wanted to cut Plouffe's head off last year when he fielded .935 with 17 errors over 95 games.- Maybe that was just me. No matter what, this kid should end up being the face of our franchise and I'm excited.

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    Also, Pelotero can be streamed on Netflix. I didn't know libraries had videos. Oh yeah, I live in the middle of Nowhere, South Dakota. We don't have a library.

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    Push him up fast! He can learn 3B while he drops bombs in Target Field

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