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Thread: Miller: Do you have any 70s or 80s Twins ticket stubs?

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    Miller: Do you have any 70s or 80s Twins ticket stubs?

    Phil Miller kicks off his baseball blog with a bizarre story about a White Sox fan who goes to TwinsFest every year to buy old Minnesota Twins ticket stubs - but only specific ones.

    Swann became a big fan of Carlton Fisk when the Hall of Fame catcher played for the White Sox, and soon began collecting a lot of Fisk memorabilia. He's got programs, bats, autographs, baseball cards -- all the usual stuff. But about a decade ago, he embarked upon a project that only a fan could understand. He decided to collect a ticket stub to every game Fisk ever played.
    A lot of collectors focus on objects that grow in value as they get older; baseball cards from decades, for instance, can be pretty valuable. But tickets stubs? Gathered in a collection as specific as this one? Not so much.
    The guy pays cash and needs 30 games more. You might want to search through your old stubs if you're the type that keeps them.

    6-4-3 | StarTribune.com

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    I don't know about baseball, but I still have an old "WrestleRock '86" stub from the AWA days hanging around. Does that count?
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