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Thread: Comment on Justin Morneau's remarks he made at camp today 2/15/13

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    Smile Comment on Justin Morneau's remarks he made at camp today 2/15/13

    When he came to camp earlier today he told reporters there will be no contract discussions with this team during this new season. This was a smart move coming from him. Talking about a contact now during the final year of his contract is the worst thing that could happen to any team. this kinda of talk in a clubhouse would have a terrible effect on other players. rumors and bad feelings can only generate more bad feelings among team members. And if it continues some of those players will lose there focus and cannot help there team win. By saying what he did today tells me two things #1 He came to camp with one purpose to prepare him self for this upcoming season.. He wants to help this team win. U all know this guy even with all his injuries he still wants to stay and do all that he can to help this team win. # 2. Now come mid July and if he is having an outstanding season so far, but our Twins as a team are not. Well, being the player he is and knowing that Baseball is big business. Then he as a player would be expected to be traded to another team. And the only bad feeling from hin is he will be losing many Friends. As a fan Im asking u all to lay off the rumors and just let him and this team play ball...

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    Generally, when players say they don't want to talk extension during the season, it's usually a ploy to try to engage the club to work out an extension before the season starts. For Morneau's part, for every week he stays healthy he is counting on gaining a larger payday after the season. I actually think any contract talks have minimal effect on a clubhouse, these guys are professional and deal with larger distractions every day. If anything, extension talks with a veteran would probably have a positve effect on the team assuming the player in question is a leader and appreciated by others.

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