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Thread: Improvement for Twins Home Games - NO DANCE OFF!!! Plus two more

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    Honestly, there's a lot of stuff at Target Field that's just retarded. The dance off doesn't belong, the sing-along to Fishing in the Dark makes me want to punch people, and for God's sake can we change up the batter's entrance music at least once or twice a year? It got to the point where every time I left a game I had "Your Love" by the Outfield stuck in my head for hours.

    This is one of the all-too-underappreciated things about having a stadium with crappy technology: less opportunity to abuse jumbotrons and sound systems. For my money, it doesn't get much better than "Walks Will Haunt" accompanied by some organ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    Or they could just put three really good looking girls out there to dance. I bet most of the guys on this site would think that would improve the dance off a lot.
    yes sir , a pole dance off is the way to go

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    Of course putting a good team on the field is the most important (but probably a hopeless thing for this season). But for those of us who go to more than five games a year (I go to about 10-12), the country sing-alongs, dance-offs, and underwater cams go from tired to annoying to infuriating, even when the team is good. My wife and I plan to do a kiss and angry slap to the face if we ever get put on the over-used kiss cam. Target Field needs to keep it a little more fresh and less routine and monotonous. The Twins also need to be careful on their choice of music. While I found it very entertaining at the time, some may think that "Love is the Drug" was not a good choice to play when the ceremonial pitch had just been thrown by successful drug-rehabbers from Teen Challenge, and the lyrics to Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" may not be considered "family friendly" by many (so just use the instrumental intro for batters, and avoid using it for the longer entry music for relief pitchers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinsnorth49 View Post
    Do you mean Kramarczuk's? If so,, agreed.
    Yeah, spelling their name is as difficult as their brats are delicious.

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