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Thread: WTF at this quote

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikecgrimes View Post
    It's OK to say as a liberal you won't be voting Republican. Fact is about 44% of Women voted for Romney. The War on Women was a great marketing campaign despite having no substance. Of course if Republicans were able to get over 50% of women they would win, but softing the stance on abortion will only lose them women, women that you might disagree with but still women.
    Okay, so, it's okay to not vote Republican because I am a liberal, but it's not okay to not vote Republican because I'm a woman? Frankly, I'm going to vote for someone who best serves my ideals, my interests, and my rights. That is not a Republican in this current climate. And abortion is far down the list as to why, but yes, is one factor of many. Let's not turn this into yet another abortion debate.

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    I love how the republicans wrap themselfs in the flag of Christianity, then say
    We dont want to feed the hungry
    We dont want to heal the sick
    We dont want to give shelter and comfort to the homeless
    We dont want to pay taxes
    We believe social security is an entitlement (a private fund we all pay into , but owners have to match it)

    How can this party expect to be taken serously ,when they believe this is how Jesus would act

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