So who is your favorite #15?

To countdown the days til pitchers and catchers report, we're going to list the Twins with those numbers (thanks to this awesome list) and let you pick your favorite. So who is the poster boy for day #15....

Jack Kralick, 1961-63
Bill Dailey, 1963-64
Al Worthington, 1964-68
George Mitterwald, 1969-73
Randy Hundley, 1974
Dan Ford, 1975-78
Ron Jackson, 1979-81
Tim Laudner, 1981-89
Lenny Webster, 1991-93
Ron Coomer, 1995
Dave Hollins, 1996
Darrin Jackson, 1997
Jon Shave, 1998
Cristian Guzman, 1999-2004
Brent Abernathy, 2005
Phil Nevin, 2006
Glen Perkins, 2008-12

I remember being way to excited about Guzy early in his career, but the one I want to laud is Dave Hollins. His big year was 1993, the year the Phils went to the World Series. He came to the Twins much later when he was just about washed out of baseball. The played well enough for the Twins to flip him for.....

David Ortiz.

But mostly I liked him because his nickname was "Head." The man had an enormous head. It's most fun when you say it with a Scottish accent.