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Thread: Kelly Johnson signs with Tampa Bay- do Twins see an opportunity in roster shuffle?

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    Kelly Johnson signs with Tampa Bay- do Twins see an opportunity in roster shuffle?

    Unlike the Twins, the Rays had a very busy offseason bolstering and upgrading their current roster, seemingly finding undervalued gems coming off of off-years on the cheap, and trading soon-to-be-too-expensive assets for a minor league player of the year and a package of other intriguing prospects.

    Despite a MI that looks pretty packed with quality plus players at 2B, 3B and SS, the Rays pulled the trigger on yet another bargain-basement, potential bounce-back addition to a quality-laden depth chart.

    As I speculated on another thread, the Rays have an embarrassment of depth riches compared to the Twins in the infield. With the signing of Johnson, along with the reacquisition of Kyle Farnsworth and Luke Scott, the Rays will have to part ways with 3 rostered players, likely at least one of whom will be an infielder.and presumably another a pitcher. The Twins can probably pick up a filler-type upgrade in a Elliot Johnson or Sean Rodriguez DFA move.

    With Myers coming up at some point in the season, they also might look to move an OF.

    They also now no longer have a place for Ryan Roberts to play, even though they just avoided arbitration by signing him for 1 yr/$3M, with team control through 2015. Luke Scott flat out is a dog as a DH, is there mutual interest in a trade for a Twins DH plus a prospect (Doumit/Plouffe for a smaller deal, Willingham for more of a blockbuster) for Rays Infield prospect(s)/pitching/established position player to upgrade both the Twins and Rays?

    In the Myers-Shields trade, the Rays acquired Jake Odorizzi and to a lesser extent, highly-rated (BA #23), but currently out-of-favor Mike Montgomery, which may mean the Twins probably can't get their top two pitching prospects, but maybe another one or two of their good-to-decent pitching prospects like Alex Colome, Frank de los Santos, Enny Romero, all the way down to a Jesse Hahn, might become expendable. Hak Ju-Lee, Jake Hager, Tim Beckham and Ryan Brett are all intriguing and blocked MI prospects.

    Can the Twins FO play a decent enough level of chess to acquire the assets to keep the rebuild in full swing, w/o getting taken to the cleaners like their last deal with the Rays?
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    The DFA pickup(s) seem very possible, even likely. As for moving any more of our lineup, I just don't see that happening. I think we shed exactly as much as we should have this offseason, with the returning lot a fair bet to play even money baseball. If we go any younger you risk the Kirby Pucket effect, and set back the team more than is necessary.

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