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Thread: 18 Days til Pitchers and Catchers report....

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    18 Days til Pitchers and Catchers report....

    To countdown the days til pitchers and catchers report, we're going to list the Twins with those numbers (thanks to this awesome list) and let you pick your favorite. So who is the poster boy for 1/25 or Day #18....

    Paul Giel, 1961
    Danny McDevitt, 1961
    Dick Stigman, 1962-65
    Rich Reese, 1966
    Jim Ollom, 1967
    Tom Hall, 1968
    Dick Woodson, 1969
    Bill Rigney, 1970-72 (Manager)
    Eddie Bane, 1973, 1976
    Mike Pazik, 1975
    Mark Wiley, 1975
    Don Carrithers, 1977
    Greg Thayer, 1978
    Paul Hartzell, 1979
    Greg Johnston, 1980
    Ray Smith, 1981
    Terry Felton, 1982
    Ken Schrom, 1983-85
    Alejandro Sanchez, 1986
    Don Baylor, 1987
    Tom Herr, 1988
    Kelvin Torve, 1988
    Shane Rawley, 1989
    Paul Sorrento, 1991
    Darren Reed, 1992
    Eddie Guardado, 1993-2003, 2008
    Jason Bartlett, 2004-07
    Matt Macri, 2008
    Luis Ayala, 2009
    Orlando Cabrera, 2009
    Jason Repko, 2010-11
    Ryan Doumit, 2012

    I'm going with Paul Sorrento, because in 1990 at some random party/bar, I distinctly remember trying to convince some girls that he was my roommate, but he had failed to make the team, so I got to live in this great place alone. I felt it was especially ingenious, because he wasn't really on anyone's radar, and if she ever checked she would find out that really was some random Twins minor leaguer who was close to the majors and wonder if I had been telling the truth.

    I did not go home with her. I know. You're shocked.

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    Got to be yesterday Eddie. He even got selected into the Twins HOF today. Just has to be
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    Jason Bartlett

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